Jewellery CADesign Studio can help you start from scratch or use your existing design ideas.

I can help you and your customer with all aspects of custom jewellery design by being able to see the piece before it is even produced.

  • CAD Jewellery Design: I will design the jewellery according to your specifications and provide you with rendered images

  • Jewellery Design with resin  - I design the jewellery and provide you with a printed resin of the design. The resin can then be cast and finished at your discretion.

  • Jewellery Design and Cast: I design the jewellery , print the resin and cast it also.

  • Finished Jewellery: I design, print resin, cast and finish the jewellery piece as needed 

Details you may want to include are:                            

  • Ring size

  • Types, shapes and sizes of stones

  • Shank and head style

  • Metal type - Platinum,Gold, Silver

  • Dimensions of widths, heights, lengths of various parts

  • Top and side views

Using your information, I create a 3dm (STL) file and a image  with all measurements and estimate weights that is  emailed to you for review before creating the resin.

I will make changes to the current model or file and send the new image (rendered) to you for  your approval.

Should you wish upon final approval, I produce the resin master model and proceed with casting in your desired metal . Alternatively, I can provide you with the CAD file only which can be utilised with any casting company of your choice.