Matrix is a jewellery design program specialised for jewellery CAD design. The program is widely used in many countries for jewellery design and manufacturing. It is proven 3d cad software to build jewellery master models, replacing the traditional labour-intensive and inaccurate hand modelling. A piece of jewellery can be drawn up in 3d and rendered to look like gold, platinum, diamonds, gemstones etc. A database of designs can be created from these 3d drawings, with alterations like different stone sizes, different finger sizes or settings taking little time. All your time consuming pre-setting for pave, like all prongs and seat cut-outs for your stones can be done for you in perfect precision. From these 3d drawings an estimated metal weight can also be calculated in any finished desired metal. We can draw a design from scratch according to the customer's directions.

Once a design is drawn on Matrix, a picture with all detailed information can be printed to show the customer, and the design can then be manufactured.Instead of making the piece by hand, the Matrix 3dm file drawing is sliced and downloaded to a wax printer for production of a wax model. You can than cast the wax direct into any desired metal.

CAD means "computer-aided design". Jewellery CADesign Studio uses Matrix, a Rhino based cad jewellery design program to make your custom jewellery design into a 3-D computer model. We are experienced cad jewellery designers with direct jewellery model experience to aid you with your creations. Whether you have precise scale jewellery designs or simple rough sketches we can bring your idea or design to a reality.